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    Anisodoris nobilis
Pacific Sea Lemon

    Anisodoris nobilis

    Pacific Sea Lemon

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    Precious sweet angel waiting patiently for his tun to do some R+ training!

    Precious sweet angel waiting patiently for his tun to do some R+ training!

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    Red Panda

    Red Panda

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    I have to take a writing proficiency exam in like an hour.

    So that I can graduate

    I paid money for this.

    I gotta say, it’s pretty bullshit.

    I mean, I’ll pass no problem, but still - pretty stupid.

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    actually kind of curious about this.



    sound off if you were NEVER hit by either parent?

    I was never hit.


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    Getting in a debate on a pet website about indoor vs outdoor cats.



    Someone goes ‘but cats were outdoors before we domesticated them it’s more natural.’ Okay yeah, you tell me if you see any African wildcats in North America running around.

    And another person goes ‘well we have bobcats.’ Those are not the same thing that’s like saying ‘well foxes can’t be bad for Australia cause they already have dingoes.’

    This debate, is still one of the WEIRDEST ones to me. I started this same debate on craigslist of all places after a period with a lot of “missing” cat posts.
    I was extremely friendly, and tried to be non-judgmental sounding, and gave info with sources and alternatives to letting your cat out (catios, walking your cat, cat fences, playing, training etc etc etc) 

    And people’s reactions are still: WELL MY CAT NEVER KILLS ANYTHING AND THAT”S STUPID NO ONE WALKS THEIR CATS . etc etc 


    Really weird.

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    Zoo Crew

    - First thing when i got there zookeeper asked me to go clean/feed/enrich the cottontop tamarins all by myself. (inner head dialogue- “yessss”)

    - Laundry, and made large primate enrichment

    - Found zookeeper just about done in otter exhibit, when she was finished I released the otters (on my own, which doesn’t sound like anything but it means she trusts me not to touch/fuck with the otters and to be in the nighthouse alone, basically she wouldn’t ask a lot of volunteers to do this)
    Like, she told me a story about a volunteer who was helping her with training by reinforcing the 2 otters who weren’t actively training for just watching/being patient. And apparently that person like, couldn’t even comfortably feed them through the fence..so sometimes I forget that little things do matter.

    - Put up shadecloth on salmon tank because chiller was not working..

    - Cleaned the primates enclosure

    - Helped clean/enrich bushdogs

    - Something else?? Don’t remember but I think that was basically it. 

    Good day at the zoo
    Missed the AAZK meeting because I’m dumb and forgot it was Thursday but oh well next time.

  10. Banjo has not been beating up Wheatly since we moved, I think now that Rudi and the girls are gone and he doesn’t smell other rats he’s not longer enraged.

    But yesterday he decided it was about time for some hind end degeneration.
    Ordered him some glucosamine and chondrotin and redid the cage, he’s still using his back legs but mobility is not as good and already cannot scratch his ear.

    rats why