l am watching my neighbors dog currently, he’s a 100lb big ol goof and when I went to get his walking stuff I realized they do the prong+ flexi-lead combo which I know is bad, but I don’t have any info about why exactly (I can sorta figure it makes the prong pretty much constantly straining on the dogs neck etc..) but I would love to try and leave them some information about switching him over to something safer 
    So if you pro realdogtrainers out there have some links, or just info for me I would love to hear it and spread the information.

    And no, I have not used the prong on him at all actually, he only has a flat collar and he does pull a bit but he stops after the initial excitement

  2. 05:38 25th Jul 2014

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    Dude body thanks for appreciating all the exercise I’ve been giving you but when I wake up at 5am to pee I really don’t need to feel so hungry…like we just ate don’t you remember.. . Like I don’t want to eat… It’s 5am but stomach so hungry…

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    an alligator escaped from the zoo in the UP i’m so

    update: it’s 12 inches long and the turtles helped him escape

    It’s always the turtles.

    No, seriously, can we talk about turtles for a second. They, all of them, are always working on ways of escaping and no one expects the turtles.

    Few examples:
    1. Educational outreach program I interned/volunteered at, 150 animals, 49 species lots of different types of animals, everything very professional, catch cages etc. 
    Only animal in all their years of working that has escaped and not only escaped but was not found, Russian tortoise.

    2. same place, a snapping turtle is placed in his outdoor tub to get some sun, he escapes. I notice, we FREAK OUT look everywhere, WATCH THE SECURITY CAMERAS and you see him start climbing out of the tub - sees someone, stops, goes back in, waits, tries again, plops down, makes his getaway.
    We found him.

    3. Friend does reptile things, has western pond tortoises - despite big tank, tank lid etc etc…ESCAPES.
    (they were always found.)

    Honestly, turtles/tortoises escape constantly and you never expect them.

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    I’ll never catch up on my dash..

    So crazy roommate moved out, he was in charge of internet, so he moved so did our modem and that was July 4th weekend so internet company couldn’t come until last friday and THEN I was in Oregon for 8 days eating tons of thai food in 100 degree heat and it’s not possible to tumblr there so probably for the next 2 days I’ll just be non-stop on tumblr.

    Also my rats are the cutest. Ace is cute too but he was with me so doesn’t count.

    OH AND THE ZOO HAS BEEN REALLY GOOD AND I VOLUNTEER SUNDAY and am excited cause we have a new enclosure opening really soon

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    zookeeping replied to your post “pups will not stop eating out of the garbage he treats it like it’s…”

    What kind of garbage can do you have? What about one with a lockable lid (or child-proof lid)?

    it has the round top with the swinging lid thing

    it doesn’t really matter bc he just knocks it over.  i really didn’t want to spend $50+ on a garbage can but is that what people have to do?

    I mean sooometimes.

    Try looking into this:



    Or like clips to keep the lid on?
    I’m just googling “child-proof” trash can

    Now some “dog-proof” trash cans..


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    Besides taking Banjo to the vet and going to the gym I really don’t have any plans for today Ace is being a sleepy angel so I may just veg today until gym time.

    I may also make pudding.

  7. Took Banjo to the vet and overall the vet was nice but it was just dumb.
    Literally nothing happened except we talked about neutering and the conversation wasn’t informative nor did she really have anything to say except ‘Yeah well we can try it..”
    I, wonder if the other vet clinic would have been better. It’s so hard with small animals, like yeah a clinic might take them in, doesn’t mean they know about their behavior/physiology. 

    So we’re just gonna think about it and decide if that’s what I want to try.

  9. Day 4 of Summer

    - 1.5ish hour hike in the forest; with lots of banana slug sightings, an a fun adventure down a trail I didn’t know so I just kept going and ended up on the other side of my campus. So had to walk all the way back to my car.

  10. Day 3 of Summer Included:

    Lots of lounging
    Watched Devil - M. Night Sham movie, pretty alright
    2 hours at the gym
    a sugary coffee from my favorite place
    and cooking brussel sprouts for the first time