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    Wheatley’s favorite spot

    Wheatley’s favorite spot

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    ladycyon: you sacrifice mobility, but it’s lasted me 3 years so it’s very worth it imho. Then I got a cheap little netbook for mobile adventures and since it didn’t even cost me $200, I really don’t care if it breaks eventually.

    Yeah, with being a student and having moved several times and not having a ton of space I really like my laptop. My lenovo costed me a bit but I’ve had it for like 5 years…but a desktop may be the way to go for long-lasting and worth. You know in theory I got the laptop to be able to bring to school with me but I never really even end up doing that. 

    I was talking to a friend who helped me find/pick the computer and he was saying I need to talk to them again because I believe the guy said it was rusted and I have no recall of spilling liquid on it and I only used the computer for less than 90 days so he thinks perhaps it had liquid damage and they didn’t catch it when it was refurbished but who knows..

    Also, I ALWAYS read your name as “lady lyacon” I know it’s not..but that’s how i read it.

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    1. ladycyon said: does your warranty cover liquid damage? Because urine is technically a liquid.
    2. ronracer said: Why isn’t the warranty covering it? I mean I’m sure rat peedle isn’t technically in the contract. But I don’t see why couldn’t just say it’s broken and they fix it

      Ah, well it had a 90 day warranty that didn’t include physical damages - liquid is a physical damage I guess. I’m not sure if it was rat pee they just said it seemed like liquid got into it and I haven’t spilled anything on it that I can recall, I also..dropped it when I first got it (ugh) and it only dented a corner but perhaps that let moisture into the case?

      I bought like a $400 4 year warranty of my first laptop (and now once again it is just “my laptop”) and never had to use it once, so I didn’t buy any extended warranty or anything..

      I’ll try and get a job this summer and make up some money to get a new laptop but I just hate investing in something and it not lasting.
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    ;-; I think rat pee broke my new (refurbished) laptop. 

    And it’s not going to be covered by warranty.

    So..um yeah that was cool spending money on a laptop that lasted 3 months..

    (I’m not convinced it was rat pee…I do not let the rats climb on the keyboard but..rats happen)


    someone buy me a laptop.

  5. Opinions of Carriers?

    Looking for people who have cat carriers and their favorites and what not

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    A  on my animal physiology exam oh yeah B)


    And want to do a quick data collection to help me with a project? 

    All you do- observe whatever animal (ANY animal) and time how long it takes them to do 20 breaths (in minutes)  - do this 3 times and report back.

  8. that moment when you are taking a test and think you’re doing awesome and then realize all these dumb really, really easy questions you got wrong because brains like to trick you.

  9. 19:31 14th Apr 2014

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    I’m at that point in studying where you feel like you probably have so much more you’re missing but not sure and also just want to stop.

    I got into the summer school class I needed (Brief O Chem).

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